2020-21 Season

The Albany Bills Backers, a volunteer-led supporters club, are pleased to be able to partner with the staff at McGeary’s Irish Pub for Buffalo Bills game days. This season will feel different, but we’re going to take the Covid pandemic and the state’s social distancing rules seriously.

The club will be accepting reservations for table and bar seating at the restaurant. We’re excited about this season’s outdoor seating option, with a projector screen outside of McGeary’s, as well as indoor seating.

Covid health and safety expectations

  • You need a mask. Your mask needs to go over your nose and mouth (no “dick noses,” no chin straps). No, you can’t just hold something over your mouth. We’ve been doing this for months, don’t forget your mask!
  • The outdoor patio is considered part of the restaurant. Please mask up before you get to the patio area.
  • You can take your mask off after you sit down. Please don’t take your mask off above your seat, please sit down first. (This is a state rule, they don’t want your unfiltered breath to be able to waft down to the seating next to you.)
  • Mask up before you stand up! Even if you’re staying close to your table, please always mask up before standing up.
  • Optional. Consider a “red zone face mask” or “third down face mask.” If you think that a big play is going to cause you to shout or move from your seat, then please mask up before it happens!
  • Tables are six feet apart and there are plexiglass dividers between bar stool seats. Don’t move tables or lean around dividers.
  • There’s no indoor or outdoor standing room this season. You can’t take your drinks outside to drink them while standing, please leave them at your seat. If you leave the patio area, you can feel free to have a mask break or a smoke break without your drink.
  • You’ll be asked to order food with your first alcohol beverage. This is a state rule. We’re allowed to enjoy a Western New York-themed dining experience, but not so much a bar experience right now. You can order an appetizer, wings, or a full meal, but you’ll be expected to put in the food order with your first drink order. You’ll be able to order another round of drinks after that.
  • Follow the state’s incoming travel advisory by quarantining for 14 days or getting negative Covid tests if you’re coming to Albany from higher-risk states. We’re sorry we can’t welcome traveling Bills fans right now.
  • If you’re sick or you think you’ve been exposed to Covid, don’t make a reservation or please cancel your reservation by following the email instructions.
  • Listen to McGeary’s staff. It’s very important that we all do our part to make sure that McGeary’s can’t get fined or even shut down, which has already happened to some area sports bars. We want to be able to come back for many more Buffalo Bills seasons.

What to Know About Your Reservations

  • We will open reservations on Fridays at 9am for Sunday games or Thursdays at 9am for Saturday games. We’ll send an email, so we recommend that you subscribe to the mailing list. We’ll also post it to AlbanyBills.com/news, facebook.com/AlbanyBills, and twitter.com/AlbanyBills.
  • A $5 cover charge per person will be added to your tab. The restaurant’s capacity is currently very limited while their expenses have not gone down. Thank you for chipping in.
  • We will not be collecting reservations for the after-8pm games due to the state’s 10pm curfew. The restaurant will be open to the public during the first half if you would still like to catch some of the experience.
  • Your table is generally available one hour before kickoff (e.g., at Noon for 1pm games). If you don’t claim your table by 15 minutes before kickoff, it will be given away to anyone else who is waiting.
  • At least half of your party needs to be present to claim your table. It’s OK if you lose an attendee, but please try to make an accurate headcount so that we can fit as many fans as can be handled safely. Please note that the restaurant won’t be able to expand your party size. The reserved tables are placed at specific distances.
  • Our organizers are not available on game day to respond to last-minute requests for tables. We can’t save tables, so please be on time.
  • After the reservation list is complete, a limited number of extra tables may be available on game day, but this is not guaranteed. Your invitation is not a reservation, we don’t have a seat for everyone who receives our emails or follows us on social media. If reservations fill up, we don’t keep a waiting list.

If you’re concerned about your own risk (or the risk that you could pose to loved ones) and you aren’t comfortable with even a reduced-capacity restaurant, we understand and we look forward to being able to welcome you back when things are different.

Thank you. Go Bills!